Comprendre le système Terre. Acquérir des bases en soutenabilité des systèmes.

Phosphorus Cycle — [Niveau 1]

Understanding the phosphorus cycle and its impact in nature.

1. Introduction

  1. Why do we talk about phosphorus ?
  2. How was phosphorus discovered?
  3. What is phosphorus ?
  4. Where is phosphorus ?
  5. Why and how humans use phosphorus ?

2. Phosphorus cycle

  1. The cycle

3. Anthropogenic phosphorus input

  1. Why phosphorus became toxic ?
  2. Why is it important ?
  3. Current phosphorus dependency
  4. Prospective of phosphorus demand
  5. A new war on phosphorus ?
  6. How can we ensure the safety of phosphate supplies?
  7. Sustainable management of phosphorus


History and Epistemology of Anthropocene Sciences — [Niveau 1]

1) To understand the process of accumulating human knowledge about the Earth system .

2) To highlight the importance of the key concepts of the Earth system being proposed and discovered in the process of accumulating knowledge .

3) To realize the importance of looking at the Earth system as a whole, from a multidisciplinary perspective, in order to achieve sustainable development for people and nature today.

HSN – Modelling of Human – Technical Systems – Nature interactions 

1) Understanding ecosystem functioning and associated Issues

2) Understanding humans organizations and associated issues

3) Being able to model Human – System – Nature interactions

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